Derrick Alger is an avid outdoorsman and nature enthusiast living in Iowa. Derrick works as a health care professional and is currently a medical student at the University of Medicine and Health Science (UMHS) in St. Kitts. In his free time, however, he loves working on his family farm and being outside.

Iowa is especially spectacular for a nature lover, given its gorgeous seasonal weather. Derrick Alger loves watching the fields turn green with new life as the trees bloom and blossom. Planting his garden and working in the dirt brings him unmatched joy. Gardening is an excellent way to calm the mind and relax after long months of studying. The benefits of cultivating the land are actually so well known that the field of “horticultural therapy” is exploding in popularity. Similar to meditation, gardening is a time for Derrick  Alger to be still and quiet.

Another outdoor activity Derrick Alger thoroughly enjoys is hunting. There is something incredibly special about the experience of being outdoors and spending time with family and friends. Like most hunters, Derrick respects and appreciates animal wildlife. He advocates for the conservation of wild places. Animals, similar to the plants he likes to grow, can serve more of a purpose than to simply exist. Sometimes, that purpose becomes to allow people to experience hunting and the pleasure of sharing a meal with loved ones. The same extends to his love for fishing. The tranquil activity is one Derrick Alger has adored since he was a child, and it still brings him much peace of mind.

Derrick has significant experience camping and hiking. These, along with his other outdoor activities of choice, are all delightful for such a family-oriented man. Derrick Alger loves spending time with his inner circle of relatives, including his beautiful wife and each of their respective families. Family is the most important thing in the world to Derrick and he considers himself very blessed to be part of such a wonderful network.

Derrick Alger savors these pastimes because he loves learning new things. These are all skills at which there is infinite room for improvement, as well as ample opportunity to pass wisdom on to loved ones. He relishes every chance to set goals and work hard to achieve them. Compassion, empathy, and perseverance are all necessary tools for success out in the wilderness. Derrick Alger loves honing these skills to make him a better outdoorsman, student, and person.