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Sharing Space, Realistically

The world is filled with millions of different creatures, many of them carnivorous. Humans, of course, occupy a large amount of space on Earth. However, we are not the only carnivores in existence. Conservation of wildlife is a chief concern in the world and, in order to conserve the lives of other carnivorous species, humans […]

Technology and Nature

For every national park, there is a team of rangers constantly working to protect animals, nature, and human visitors. For every natural phenomenon and species of vegetation, there is a nature researcher looking to learn more. The thing these two groups have in common is, of course, nature. However, they also share the fact that […]

How to Become a Hiker

Bring Your Valentine Outside

Valentine’s Day is upon us. For many, this means taking a traditional approach to celebrating with the love of your life. You could take your significant other out for cocktails, give him or her candy hearts and teddy bears, and spend the day watching romantic comedies. There is nothing wrong with that; in fact, that […]

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