Honey beesThe outdoors is a beautiful place. Aside from being a place in which people can go to exercise, clear their minds, and truly get a chance to breathe, it is also a haven to animals and insects that help keep humanity alive. Unfortunately, not all species can withstand human intervention. For example, the worldwide population of bees has been very slowly dwindling in the past few years. This is tragic, and not just because bees are a beautiful part of the natural world. When most think about the death of bees, they imagine a world without honey. Sure, we get our honey from bees, but these creatures also provide so much more to our environment.

The honeybee population has begun to decline because of harmful pesticides used on plants. This has not been determined entirely as a fact, but it is the most logical explanation for the destruction of so many bee populations. The European Food Safety Authority did a study in which it discovered one harmful pesticide in particular being used on plants, called clothianidin. They have since banned this pesticide. Unfortunately, it is still used on many of the plants grown in the United States.

A world without bees is a dreary one. Think about it: bees pollinate. They do not just make pretty flowers grow, they also ensure the growth of several different types of vegetables that we consume daily. For example, bee pollination is essential to the growth of fruit such as apples, mangoes, pears, and strawberries. It is also necessary for the growth of vegetables such as eggplant, brussel sprouts, and broccoli. Without bees, there would be no vanilla, tomatoes, macadamia nuts, and avocadoes either!

This is not just a list of foods we eat, it can be equated to a large sum of money. Sure enough, bees are essential to the production of billions of dollars of food each year. When plants are not pollinated sufficiently, they suffer growth defects, which beings less money into the food industry in general. Poorly grown fruits and vegetables cannot be priced as highly, nor can they be sold as well.

Farmers need the revenue from the food they grow, just as we need the food they grow for essential nutrients. Bees are a necessary part of a healthy diet for all human beings. Therefore, it is time we take action against the products that are killing these bees. In order for bee populations to be able to regrow, the Environmental Protection Agency must place more strict restrictions on the pesticides being used on our food. Wholesome, natural food is so much better in the long run, after all.