The world is always moving around us, and it is evident in our crazy schedules. Most people are faced daily with tasks that eat away time, whether it be full work days, family care, or personal projects. It is easy to wake up, go straight to work, and return home at the end of the day to plop down in front of the television. Our schedules tend to keep us indoors more often than not, which may actually detrimentally impact our levels of productivity.

Taking some time to lose yourself in the outdoors can be a break from the insane rat race of today. Studies show that allotting some outdoor time for yourself on a regular basis improves your overall health – physical, mental, and emotional. The notion that getting into greenery helps people with anxiety, depression, and even attention deficit disorders has been a point of research for several years. The results always come out in favor of nature.

So, being out in nature is good for you, but how do you actually get to a point where being out in nature becomes a force of habit? There are several ways to go about becoming more of an outdoor person.

I would initially suggest exercising outdoors. If you run on a treadmill in the gym, try going for a run outside instead. Perhaps take up hiking as a hobby. The benefits of these activities will be three-pronged – you will get a break from your busy schedule, a mental health boost from nature, and an increase in stamina.

If exercising outdoors isn’t your thing, or maybe you need a nature buddy, try finding a nature group walk near you. A combination of walking, nature, and socializing does wonders for your stress levels, positivity, and even your immune system on a daily basis.

Sometimes, of course, you just don’t have time to get out into nature during the day. Perhaps you’re having an unusually busy day, or getting together all the supplies for a picnic in the park would take too long. You can still get outdoor benefits on days like these. Try taking a short walk during your lunch break, for starters. Keep a bag by your door with whatever you would need to spend time outside, so you can grab it whenever you have a moment to sneak into nature. Also, waking up a little earlier and doing some meditation in the forest can give you a positive outlook for the rest of the day.

All in all, there is no doubt in the medical world that interacting with nature regularly is beneficial to personal health. There are several barriers to being outside, and there are always excuses to stay inside, but I would suggest putting in the effort to fall in love with the outdoors, to improve your quality of life.