Iowa has always been known for it’s spectacular seasons. Whether under a deep blanket of snow or dotted with the buds of fresh flowers, Iowa is where nature lovers can go for the best of their favorite season. This fall, though, the Iowa DNR State Forest Nursery is launching a new program to help the fall foliage. Preparing a package of seeds that exemplify Iowa’s natural diversity and color, officials hope that locals will plant these trees to ensure Fall’s appreciation for years to come.

During the season, the State Forest Nursery plans to release a packet of hand-picked specialty seeds. Each month, a new selection of seeds will be sorted and made available to the public. Only given to the public for that one month, the State Forest Nursery hopes that this element of exclusivity will help to motivate more people into exploring the joys of planting.

Along with encouraging Iowans to preserve their state’s natural beauty, this project has plans to continue through autumn and into spring. With an assortment of season appropriate plants, State Forest Nursery has found the perfect gift that will keep giving for generations.

For the month of September, State Forest Nursery Derrick Algerhas assembled what will surely be the envy of every autumn aficionado around. The customary pack will come with a bonus 50 seedlings, along with the 200 additional bare-root seedlings already set to be packaged. For the low cost of $110, anyone can own the heart of autumn, and plant it wherever they see fit. The proceeds will go directly to the Iowa State Forest, for their continued work in preserving the natural beauty of Iowa.

For more information about any of the monthly specials, contact the Iowa DNR State Forest Nursery at 1-800-865-2477, or visit their website at Here you can find details on upcoming packages, images of the seedlings after they’ve grown, and place your order.