For nearly 33 years, Metro Arts Jazz festival in July has provided talented musicians and artist to a community of corporate and business locals. Metro Arts Metro Arts Jazz festival is Iowa’s longest running summer music festival and the only festival in Iowa to focus specifically on Jazz. The series continues to evolve annually while catering to the communities needs and requests and up keeping its greatest traditions. The summer Jazz series featured a dynamic mixture of oldies and new music thus including a finale Festival at west Glen Town Center on August 1st 2015.

This year, the series hired 147 musicians to cater to 17 sites across the metro area, oh and free of charge! The festival includes Junior Jazz combos, made up of high school and college students. Partnering with neighborhood sites, The Metro Arts Jazz Festival exposed various residents to new music and varying local musicians while continuing to carry the American legacy and art of jazz culture.

The Metro Arts Jazz Festival is part of Metro Arts Alliance’s mission.


“To advance creativity and strengthen our community, we educate and enrich the development of children and adults through schools, organizations, senior centers, and collaborating with other community partners. We create opportunities that provide lifelong access and engagement in the arts for all.”

Derrick Alger

Metro Arts Jazz festival wishes to advance creativity and strengthen the community by educating them through music. incapable goal of the festival is to collaborate with community partners to encourage the social development of children and adults through schools organizations and various centers.

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